2016 BMW M8 front

2016 BMW M8 – Price and release date

For a long time on the internet there are rumors and announcements about the new 2016 BMW M8. The last offer super car has been the M1, since 1980s. BMW … Continue Reading →

2015 BMW M3 front

2015 BMW M3 Sedan – Review

BMW is well known automotive company headquartered in Munich, Germany. BMW M3 is model which was first offered to customers 1985th year. Now, the model is divided into two varieties. One … Continue Reading →

2015 BMW x3

2015 BMW x3 – Prototype

The headquarters of German car company BMW is in Munich. BMW has a long list of good and quality cars of different types. BMW x3 is present on the market … Continue Reading →

2017 BMW 5 Series GT front

2017 BMW 5 Series GT

The German company has begun with production of its 5 Series back in 1972nd year. For all these years, the U.S. market is little bit tired of this model. That’s … Continue Reading →

2016 BMW X City front

2016 BMW X City – BMW X Zero

German car company BMW has launched on the market large X SUVs (X6, X5, X3 and X1). The 2016 BMW X City will be next in line after BMW X1. … Continue Reading →

2016 BMW 7 Series side

2016 BMW 7 Series – Price and release date

BMW 7 Series is a large, luxury car produced by the German company BMW, Munich. BMW 7 Series is produced as a sedan and extended sedan. The first generation of … Continue Reading →

2015 BMW x6 side

2015 BMW x6 – Review

BMW is European automotive company that originates in Munich, Germany. The company is engaged in the production of motor vehicles since distant 1916th year. Its cars are known for their … Continue Reading →