2015 Toyota GT86 – Changes

Toyota GT86 is one of the newer models, which was implemented by the company. It took a few years from idea to realization. The first concept vehicle was shown seven years ago. After two years, the concept has experienced refreshment. Some details were rebuilt. New 2015 Toyota GT86 will experience some minor changes. The changes will include more management than appearance. It is important to note that the GT86 is known as the Scion FR-S. It is well known to those who know the market is the U.S. and Canada.

2015 Toyota GT86 rear

2015 Toyota GT86 – Exterior

Exterior changes to the new Toyota GT86 will involve adding new colors to the current palette. Antenna will be placed at the rear of the roof. The antenna will have a distinctive look. It will remind on the shark fin. Fins will firstly contribute more aerodynamic. Secondly, it will also contribute to beautiful appearance. This sporty coupe will be lighter than the previous model. It will have only two doors. It will have wheels 17 or 18 inches. Its rear shock will be improved. It will also include the front suspension. This sporty coupe will as always be popular among fans of a fun, fast ride.

2015 Toyota GT86 interior

2015 Toyota GT86 – Interior

The interior of the 2015 Toyota GT86 will be supplemented by new materials. For example, we expect the use of carbon fiber. These fibers will be used in the control panel. The design will be improved. Seats will be low and leaning back. This is to be expected in a sports car. The roof would be low. The interior space will be very small, even inadequate for convenience of companions. There will be enough seats for four passengers.

2015 Toyota GT86 – Engine

The engine will have a displacement of 2.0 L and a power of 200 hp. It will have drive on two wheels. Gearbox will have six degrees. Maximum speed that  will be able to pull is 140 mph.

This model is about to arrive in showrooms. The price we will find out when sales start.

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